Neural Systems Approach

Epiomed is developing a new generation of novel broad spectrum anti nausea and vomiting compounds using our "Neural Systems Approach." We define neuronal pathways and neurotransmitter systems involved in emesis, then target compounds that modulate these pathways and systems. Our goal is to optimize drug efficiency and eliminate unwanted side effects, such as anxiety, that have restricted the commercial development of the most effective anti-emetics to date. Using proprietary multiple-receptor pharmacology and a functional screening approach, our mission is to create, develop, and commercialize new therapeutics for the treatment of nausea and emesis across a wide platform of clinical indications.

Lead Development Compound

Epiomed Therapeutics' lead development compound is ETI-385, a novel anti-emetic, non-anxiogenic with multi-receptor pharmacology acting in the central nervous system at the common final pathway for emesis. Unlike all currently marketed anti-emetic drugs, ETI-385 blocks all emetic stimuli (motion, chemical, conditioned, etc.) in preclinical models. ETI-385 establishes the proof of the theory behind the Company's propriety and broad ESP™ Discovery technology. ETI-385 and related compositions of matter are covered by intellectual property assigned to the Company, including a world-wide patent application whose term is not scheduled to expire until 2030.